The project deadline has been passed and the construction is still ongoing? the approved budget has already been spent and nobody knows when it will end.
Are you familiar with it?

Our primary consideration target is that your project is completed within the agreed budget and planned deadline. All of our activities throughout the Project lifecycle serve this purpose.


Work is delivered on time and within budget so everyone is satisfied. It is not a promise but our customer’s experience.
That is how we work…

It is important for us that you have up-to-date information during the project. We are constantly monitoring the sustainability of the deadline, providing reports and suggestions to ensure that the budget can be kept.

So we save you time, energy and ultimately money by taking the day-to-day problems of the investment off your shoulders with the help of our Project managers.

There are projects when everybody knows every pieces of the project, the next steps and the budget is under control.

So we always know what documents are needed, how to get them, who to contact and which subcontractor has to be reached for a price offer.

We provide a full range of project management services from idea to commissioning: monitoring the agreed budget and original deadlines.


Glencore Agriculture

“All of our Projects have been completed to budgeted cost under the Company’s management. They know what they are doing if it comes to Project management!”

Csaba Juhász CEO

Glencore Agriculture Hungary Ltd.

Avada Finance Bonjour Cafe

“Öko Consulting has been our reliable and highly professional partner for our investment”

Dr. László Papula Plant Manager

NT Ltd.

Avada Finance Futuristic

“They also stand their ground in an international environment, through their professional knowledge and experience they have solved even the most complicated situation, thus ensuring that the productivity-improvement proceeds as agreed.”

Siegfried Meyer

Founder/CEO of Meyer Oil

Avada Finance Electricity

“We would love to see your satisfied opinion here!”

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